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Letter from a friend of the Lanes

"The Lanes--older than you think."

Asbury Lanes' life began in the 1920s as an auto garage until the late 1930s when a family, The Eames, moved their bowling business from downtown Asbury Park into the garage. Their 8 lanes were expanded to 16 complimented by a sandwich counter. It's survived a fire and stood through countless hurricanes. It was witness to The Morro Castle disaster, the riots in the 70s, Asbury Park's decline and then triumphant return. It has been a home to local bowling league tournaments, crowds cruising The Circuit, and the hundreds of bands that took to the stage over the recent years. There is no other place like it in the country. 

On paper the story is nothing short of a mystery. The pieces are scattered or missing and you have to fight to put it all together. In doing all of this historical research, I have learned a great deal about information archives,  census records, deeds, and how the records of the past are organized. More importantly I learned to never stop looking or asking questions. Out of all of Asbury Park's historic places, Asbury Lanes' story has been the most difficult to uncover and it took me 2 1/2 months to realize why.
The story of Asbury Lanes can not be found inside books, articles, or the endless rolls of microfilm. The story lives inside of everyone that has come to enjoy it. Someone once told me the only immortality we have is our memory. We all have our own experiences and memories from The Lanes, that's what keeps it alive. No matter what happens to the building in the coming months, the Lanes spirit will live on in those memories. Even if not recognized as historic, we already know it--Asbury Lanes is significant to our culture, our history, our memory--without any documented proof.
Those memories and stories hold more power than you think. Talk to someone, ask your grandparents, share your story, your photos, find an outlet. I already know many people who would love to hear it--Jenn at The Lanes or Eric Van't Zelfden at Lobo Jones Productions (www.lobojones.com), he's in the middle of collecting stories for an Asbury Lanes documentary as I write this. You might just find an extraordinary story as I have. 



Saturday Oct 3rd
"We are getting a new roof" Party
In the wise word of Walter Sobchak from the Big lebowski, "fuck it dude, lets go bowling".

The Lanes is about to go under renovations and we are all staying positive that it will be a success and we will be back here in the summer with many more nights of bands and booze and burlesque and art and music to come..Come send out positive vibes with us and some of our friends..
We have some bands that wanted to play for you...We can tell you some of them and the rest you will have to see for yourself..
*Come for the hugs, stay for the show!

Performances by:
The Holy Mess Sammy Kay Lost in Society  & Special Guests

Doors open early at 6pm
$15 cover
All ages welcome until midnight
18+ to hang at the Lanes
21+ to have cocktails at the bar
$10 per person for all that you can bowl
Treats available at Snackworld all night long


Sunday Oct 4th
"Sunday Service" at the Asbury Lanes
In the afternoon... 

The Asbury Lanes is our church of worship..That is what "Sunday Service" is all about..our inspiration, our faith, our hope and our joy. Music is that for us..Art is that for us..The Lanes is that for us .and we hope you can sing our praises too...

The Asbury Lanes is our church of worship..That is what "Sunday Service" is all about..our inspiration, our faith, our hope and our joy. Music is that for us..Art is that for us..The Lanes is that for us .and we hope you can sing our praises too...

There has been a documentary in the works for a few years now, you have seen snippits about it on IG and FB..But here is your chance to be a part of it...

Join us from 12-6 to say what you want about the Lanes..Good or bad or indifferent...Its our "Love letter to the Lanes" and we want you to be a part of it.. The Lanes is bigger than its walls and we hope to show that to the powers that be so that we can take this into the future to be inspiration and entertained and overjoyed for many more years to come...That is our intention and our prayer...

So...Come talk it out, on film....and have some drinks and some snacks while you wait your turn...

Food and drinks will be available all day long...

....that's all folks

I will forever love this place. The end of an era. (And hopefully, the beginning of a new one...) Asbury Lanes Crew. Good Riddance, Off With Their Heads, Iron Chic. September, 27, 2015. Asbury Park, NJ.

May we all still feel each other's hearts near when we sing loud and always remember this friendship, love, and camaraderie. I love you, hot dogs. I think the world of you.

- jenn


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photo courtesy of Eric Van't Zelfden

The wrecking ball may not be so certain.

Things have changed here at the Lanes....

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